Principal Architect: Gloryrose Dy Metilla
Designers: Faroukh Guiabar
Project Stage: ongoing construction
Site Area: 270 sq.m
Gross Floor: 563 sq.m
Storeys: 2 ½
No. of Bldgs. 1
Construction start: December 4, 2017
Construction end: October 30, 2017
Structural Consultant: Engr. Elorde
Electrical Consultant: Victor Salce
Sanitary & Plumbing Consultant: Alan Navasquez
General / Main Contractor: Dario Luga
Architecture Photography: Sheena Marie Franco

This apartment building has three doors all with roof decks. The walls are made of red bricks from SIDLAK-Pinoy. The production of these red bricks are a part of an environmental solution to save a dying river in Valencia, Bukidnon, that was almost covered with silt due to heavy downpour. This apartment building is both environmentally friendly and also advocates a modern Mindanao Architecture with outdoor decors carrying the okir motif.

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