Principal Architect: Ata Manobo Tribal Council, Gloryrose Dy Metilla, Henna Dazo
Designers:, Don Dion Cawaling, Faroukh Guiabar
Project Stage: Construction ongoing and ongoing fundraising with partner NGO – Iemmergence
Site Area: 2000 sq.m
Gross Floor:
Storeys: 2
No. of Bldgs. 5
Construction start: November 2016
Construction end:-
NGO Partner: Iemergence
Constructed by: Ata Manobo Tribal Council
Project cost: 600,000
We very thankful that we were able to help the Ata Paquibato community facilitate in designing their school of learning through a participatory design process. Together, we did the master plan of Cultural village with the Gantangan Palabian, Panubaran, Panuluanan, Baloy and the Livelihood center. We are very amazed at how they plan to help each other build this place in actuality by using their own natural resources that are endemic in the community. All materials needed to build are sourced locally by the assigned barrangay.